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Pubblicati online i cataloghi PDF dell'Asta 48

17/10/2019 18.58.00

I cataloghi dell'Asta 48 sono finalmente disponibili online, e possono essere scaricati ai seguenti link:

Ed inoltre, l'asta può essere consultata online a questo link, con la possibilità di ottenere informazioni e compiere offerte direttamente online.

È arrivato il nuovo Blog di Artesegno!

06/09/2019 18.00.00

Il nuovo blog di Artesegno
Il nostro nuovo punto di riferimento con notizie, eventi, curiosità, suggerimenti, articoli e quant'altro dal mondo dell'arte e del collezionismo...

Upcoming opening of watch and philately departments

01/12/2019 16.49.00


We would like to inform all our clients that our new departments dedicated to the watch and philately sectors are open.

Our experts are available for free appraisals on request.

Gronchi Rosa with double variety, absolutely unique example for its characteristics: described in the Raybaudi Certificate:

  • White vertical line of missing print, a clearly visible surgical cut that runs through the stamp and that cuts the plane into two;

  • a foreign body included naturally in the paper during printing (inclusion) which is located right on the plane’s engine (!): this body and the white line of the surgical cut that splits the aircraft gives the postage stamp the iconic effect of a stranded airplane!

  • Provenance of the stamp:
    Luigi Raybaudi Massilia, Rome.


Maurizio Raybaudi;
Egidio Caffaz.

Signed by:
Luigi Raybaudi Massilia;
Maurizio Raybaudi;
Egidio Caffaz.

A unique example of great charm and unlike any other of the print run, moreover , of exceptional provenance (Luigi Raybaudi Massilia).

Superb state of preservation.
No imperfections.


22/11/2019 20.00.00




Kazuo Shiraga (1924-2008)  

Work, 1973, olio su tela cm 45,5x37. Firma in basso a sinistra

Certificato di provenienza a cura della Augur Auction Ltd, Tokyo. Certificato di autenticità e provenienza su foto a cura della Galleria d'Arte Art Plaza, Venaria, Torino





Piero Dorazio (1927-2005)

Taskent, 1974 olio su tela cm 50x30. Firma sul retro

Autentica dell'artista su foto






Alberto Biasi (1937)

UT 134, 2010, Acrilico su tela con torsione di strisce dipinte cm 40x40. Firma sul retro

Autentica dell'artista su foto con archivio n. UT 134




Artesegno honored at the 65th Labor and Economic Progress Awards

27/08/2019 15.00.00


We are proud to announce that Artesegno was honored with the Award for Entrepreneurial Initiative: Commerce during the 65th Labor and Economic Progress Award ceremony, held in a crowded Giovanni da Udine Theater on 16th November 2018, and organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone-Udine. Present at the award ceremony were the Governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia Massimo Fedriga, the Mayor of Udine Pietro Fontanini, the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone - Udine Giovanni Da Pozzo, and Dr. Roberto Stomella, economic journalist and Director of the Antitrust External Relations.

The Diploma of Merit with Gold Medal was handed over to Dr. Domenico De Stefano, co-owner and Art Director of the Gallery Auction House.

We feel honored by this recognition and would like to dedicate it to all our clients, to collectors, to art enthusiasts, to our friends to whom we are grateful for their support and for giving us the opportunity to conduct our business with dedication. This award, as a mark of Excellence in the Friulian Entreprenuership, spurs us on to continue our work with even more determination.

We would like to dedicate this recognition, by which we feel honored, to all our clients.

Thank you to everybody…and the challenge goes on!!!