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49th Contemporary and International Art Auction

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Oil on canvas

cm 45,5x37



Code: 27972


Certificate of provenance by Augur Auction Ltd, Tokyo. Photo certificate with provenance by Galleria d'Arte Art Plaza, Venaria, Torino

This work with thick impasto by Shiraga is of excellent quality and very well dated (1973) as well as being of certain provenance: Augur Auction Ltd, Tokyo

Signed bottom left. Signed and dated on the reverse

Private sale

Acrylic and glasses on canvas

cm 140x106


Heiwa No Akashi 2007-01

Code: 27976


Photo-certificate by Associazione Shozo Shimamoto with Archive no. 359 hand signed by the artist

Literature: "Shozo Shimamoto, recent works", from 10/05/18 to 30/06/18 by Ilaria Porotto at Galleria Dellupi Arte, Milano, p. 34, 35, 36, 37. Work displayed in the above exhibition as indicated on the label on the reverse. Work belonging to an important performance by Shimamoto; we report an excerpt of an interview to Shimamoto by Andrea Mardegan of the Shozo Shimamoto Association, in which he asks the Master: "One of your most important recent achievements is the Heiwa no Akashi peace monument in Shin Nishinomiya, the concrete arena that you regenerate with the launch of colored bottles every year, as long as Japan has not entered the war?" Shimamoto replies: "It all started in 1986 when Bern Porter came to visit me. Bern Porter was a nuclear physicist who had participated in the Manhattan Project during the Second World War, but who was then shocked that a bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima even though the emperor had already given up ... Bern Porter regretted his contribution to that experiment, became mail artist and started making pilgrimages in the world to ask for forgiveness. In my atelier he was crying saying that to expiate his sins would not be eight death sentences were enough. At that moment I decided to promote peace in the world and I also told him my pacifist ideas. After hearing of my activities, Bern Porter proposed me as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, which I did not take however, I continued to promote peace and in 1999 I started the Heiwa no Akashi project. "

Signed bottom left

Private sale

Acrylic on jute canvas

cm 100x80


Senza titolo

Code: 27979


Photo certificate by the artist. Certificate of authenticity by Artetivù, Marcon (Venezia)

Excellent quality work by Hermann Nitsch

Signed on the reverse

Private sale

Compressed car plates

cm 37x21x20


Hommage à Luis


Code: 27971


Photo certificate by Archives Denyse Durand Ruel, Paris with no. 6849. Photo of the artist with the present work exhibited at the Cantini Museum in Marseille.

Important and very rare compression by César as it is one of the very first created and also dedicated by the artist to Louis Renault: in fact it is from 1965, the year when he began to make the very first Compressions dedicated to him and entitled. It is one of his masterpieces as regards the year 1965,the subject matter (Louis Renault) and typology, (car parts). The work was exhibited and is published in the Catalog of the exhibition that César dedicated with selected works to his hometown in the Cantini Museum in 2013: CESAR A MARSEILLE, Musée Cantini, 13/09/2013 - 05/01/2014.

Signed on the bottom

Private sale

Oil on canvas

cm 75x55


Ex Ovo II°

Code: 27975


Stamp of Studio Piero Dorazio 3163 on the reverse, photo certificate by the artist, recto and verso, with stamp of "Studio Dorazio".

Work published in the catalog of the solo exhibition "Piero Dorazio", 31 March-12 May 1994, by Eugen Gomringer, Galleria d'Arte Elleni, Bergamo

Signed on the reverse

Private sale

Mixed media and holes on paper

cm 36x51


Ana Esquisse (Hole Esquisse)

Code: 27985


Photo-certificate by Associazione Shozo Shimamoto with no. ID 958

A very important type of work by Shimamoto from the Gutai period, currently underestimated by the market. In a letter dated 16 July 2002 to Tate, the artist revealed that he had started painting on supports made of glued newspapers because in the early 1950s he could not afford to buy canvases. Shimamoto found that the newspaper support would tear if the glue had not been completely dry before starting to paint on it or if the paper he had used was too delicate; this provided him with inspiration for his Holes series: Shimamoto superimposed the paper and by rubbing with a rough object he created the hole. This happened for the first time in Joshihara's studio in 1947! At the basis is his concept of anti-painting, of uncontrolled action, a sort of "action painting", which is a completely different concept from Fontana's, spatialist, neo-perspective and in search of a plasticity in the cut.

Signed and dated bottom right

Private sale

oil on wood panel

cm 40x40


Un tramonto ad Alba

Code: 27968


Excellent quality

Provenance: Meeting Art, auction of 24.11.2007, here acquired by the present owner

Signed on the reverse

Private sale

Oil and enamel on canvas

cm 60x70


Forme sospese

Code: 27973


Certificate of authenticity by Archive Giulio Turcato with no. rep. EP160713BM04FA. Work published in "Maestri Contemporanei, Presenze degli ultimi 40 anni ", Palazzo Frisacco, 2005, p. 58

It is an uncommon work by Turcato belonging to the restricted cycle of the Suspended Forms that he executed in 1963 and 1964 through a few paintings that that have nothing to do with the more common Archipelagos: with the Suspended Forms in Turcato the object-consumption of daily life he is always seen in relation to its immense abuse and with his picking operations the artist engraves the image, leaving it as if suspended in space; this aspect can be seen by zooming in on the shapes that make up the work

Signed bottom right

Private sale