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Lot: 443
Title: Waves
Year: 1992
Artist: Toshimitsu Imai (1928-2002)
Dimensions: cm 127x95
Technique: Mixed media on cardboard
Signed bottom right
Collection of Jean-Paul Coussy, ex Director of the Pompidou Center for Contemporary Art in Cajarc, who directly acquired the work from the artist on March 15, 1998, as the statement of provenance attached and signed by Dr. Coussy affirms. It specifies that the work of high quality with its pictorial texture is part of the Onde-Waves series for which the bibliographic reference is Gian Carlo Calza, Edizioni Electa, Venezia, 1998; these works have been exhibited internationally, in particular at the Galerie Chozo Yoshii, Parigi.

Date and timeBid typeStatusBid
02/12/2017 16.05.36in-roomwinner€ 3.200,00