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Lot: 147
Title: Figure nello spazio
Year: 1947/1948
Artist: Virgilio Guidi (1891-1984)
Dimensions: cm 19x26
Technique: Ink on card
Signed bottom right
Expertise on photo by Paolo Rizzi
It is read in the expertise:”This gorgeous and rare drawing is one of the most significant by the master Virgilio Guidi”. The work comes from Aristide Coin's collection, exhibited in his Villa at Asolo, and was dedicated by the master, together with other works, to Coin's wife, Mrs Viola, on 6th March 1972

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29/10/2020 12:33:27onlineexceeded300,00 €
13/11/2020 11:45:59onlineexceeded350,00 €
14/11/2020 16:45:24onlineexceeded400,00 €
14/11/2020 16:46:17in-roomwinner450,00 €