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Lot: 27
Title: Bistruttura Prospettica 69.73
Year: 1974
Artist: Edoardo Landi (1937)
Dimensions: cm 50x50
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Signed on the reverse
Certificate of provenance with photo by NIkol Art, Padova
Very rare and exclusive work by Edoardo Landi, realized with acrylic on canvas in three colors in the early 70s. This Bistruttura Prospettica constitutes the first study dating back from between 1969 and 1973 on which other later works will be based. In fact we find 69.73 indicated next to the title on the reverse of the canvas. This work lends itself to a series of multiple fruitions by virtue of the POSITIONING and it reveals the typical peculiarities of kinetic art.

Date and timeBid typeStatusBid
12/03/2021 11:35:19operatorexceeded1.600,00 €
13/03/2021 15:50:33onlinerefused1.700,00 €
13/03/2021 15:50:33auto rebidexceeded1.800,00 €
13/03/2021 15:51:06onlinerefused1.900,00 €
13/03/2021 15:51:06auto rebidwinner2.000,00 €