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Lot: 616
Title: Senza titolo (Composizione)
Year: 1957
Artist: Piero Dorazio (1927-2005)
Dimensions: cm 13,2x17 (parte dipinta)
Technique: Mixed media on handmade paper
Signed on the reverse
The authenticity of this work is confirmed by a letter from the Archivio Piero Dorazio Giuliana Soprani Dorazio / Federico Sardella, dated 16/10/2009
The words "AUGURI 1957" hand written by the artist on the reverse. Total work dimensions cm. 17x26. Some foxmarks.

Date and timeBid typeStatusBid
08/07/2022 10:21:41onlineexceeded2.700,00 €
10/07/2022 15:14:52onlineexceeded2.700,00 €
19/07/2022 21:27:24onlineexceeded2.700,00 €
23/07/2022 08:20:18onlinerefused2.900,00 €
23/07/2022 08:20:19auto rebidexceeded3.100,00 €
23/07/2022 12:11:18onlinewinner3.100,00 €