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Lot: 2
Title: Cavaliere sul lago
Year: 1935
Artist: Fred Pittino (1906-1991)
Dimensions: cm 70x50
Technique: Oil on canvas
Signed bottom right
Rare and high quality work by Pittino dated 1935, therefore of the most prestigious period of his pictorial production. In 1930 Pittino moved to Milan, residing there permanently until 1938, becoming part of the Last Supper of the Galleria del Milione directed by Edoardo Persico, where in February 1933 he exhibited together with Afro. He is attracted by French impressionist and post-impressionist painting - in particular by Renoir, Bonnard and Matisse - and by the Milanese De Rocchi, Lilloni, Birolli and Sassu - taking an interest in synthesis and color. In 1934 together with Mirko, Candido Grassi and Angilotto Modotto he exhibited at the Sabatello Gallery in Rome, which pays homage to young Friulians with the exhibition of the Friulian Avant-garde Group; in the same year he participates in the Venice Biennale (where he will also be present in the editions of 1936, 1948 and 1950), while in '35 he is at the Rome Quadriennale (as well as in '43).
Artist's label on the reverse.

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