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Lot: 117
Title: Fromboliere al mulino
Year: 1948
Artist: Luigi Zuccheri (1904-1974)
Dimensions: cm 40x44
Technique: Tempera on wood panel
Signed bottom left
Rare 1940s work by Luigi Zuccheri.
Label of Galleria del Girasole, Udine sul retro. In April a work by Luigi Zuccheri was exhibited at the Van Gogh Foundation in Arles in France.

Date and timeBid typeStatusBid
08/06/2023 14:17:44onlineexceeded1.500,00 €
10/06/2023 12:43:01onlineexceeded1.600,00 €
10/06/2023 16:39:39onlineexceeded1.700,00 €
10/06/2023 16:41:07in-roomexceeded1.800,00 €
10/06/2023 16:41:46onlineexceeded1.900,00 €
10/06/2023 16:41:57in-roomwinner2.000,00 €