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Lots by the artist  Toshio Arai (1929) at auction


Mixed media on wood panel

cm 185x94


Senza titolo

Code: 27219

48th Contemporary and International Art Auction

Private Sales


Important work by Toshio Arai for its provenance: Michel Tapié de Celeyran, published in the catalog of the exhibition "Tapiés Un Art Autre Osaka New York", Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Torino, 1997; this exhibition proved, through the paintings and sculptures of 76, the development of the theoretical and critical position of Tapié, dynamic discoverer of the main postwar exponents: Pollock, Gorky, Hofmann, Tobey, Kline, Francis, Dubuffet, Fustier, Mathieu, Wols, Tàpies, Hartung, Capogrossi, Fountain, Burri, Accardi, French Letters up to Domoto, Arai, Imai, Onishi, Suzuki, Teshigahara and Gutai Group in Osaka. The work is published also in the Magazine "Opera Aperta", May - October 1965, Stefano De Luca Editore; the work was exhibited at the ICAR in Torino in 1965, as from the published image in the Catalog "Tapiés Un Art Autre Osaka New York", Gallery of Modern Art in Torino, 1997.

Signed on the reverse

Private sale