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Felt on wood wedge

cm. 25x5x9



Code: 17433


Work published in: "Joseph Beuys & Nam June Paik: In memoriam George Maciunas," GR-Edition Block EB 113/14, Berlin 1978, Caroline Tisdall, "Joseph Beuys", Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1979, pp.180-81, "The Love Art ", Tokyo, 1991, p.52; Mats B.," Fluxus - The development of an Antidote ", Galleri Stenstroem, 29 October 1992 to 17 January 1993

Work exhibited in "Joseph Beuys & Nam June Paik's video performance: In memoriam George Maciunas," Klavierduett, Staatlichen Art Academy in Dusseldorf, 7 July 1978

Private sale

Acrylic on assembled canvases

cm. 135x70


Senza titolo

Code: 14982


Certificate of authenticity by Andrea Mardegan, Japan

Signed lower left

Private sale

Oil, mixed media an collage on canvas

cm. 89X72


Motivo di lampada con tavolo

Code: 13105


Photo certificate signed by the artist

Work exhibited and published in the Catalog edited for retrospective exhibition "Celiberti. Diario di una vita 1947-2013", Villa Manin di Passariano (UD), 1 June - 22 September 2013 by Eliana Bevilacqua and Katia Francesca Onofrio, Editore Azienda Speciale Villa Manin. Stamp of Art Gallery R.Rotta, Genova, on the reverse

Signed bottom right

Private sale

Acrylic and glass shards on canvas

cm. 117x117


Bottle Crash

Code: 20405


Photo certificate by the Shozo Shimamoto Association archive no. 1309

Work exhibited at Galerie Sander, Germany in 1992; it was also displayed in various exhibitions in Japan. Work of great significance within the production of Shozo Shimamoto for various reasons: 1) the year of execution, in 1991, is important as the few bottle crash Shimamoto realized in the early 1990s were executed in the same way as the very rare ones he made in the 50s / 60s post-cannon period: the glass bottles shattered against the stones cast their shards and slivers onto the canvas; 2)its high quality; 3) the numerous exhibitions it took part in, notedly the one held at the Sander Gallery in 1992.

Signed bottom left

Private sale

Holes and mixed media on paper. Work recto and verso

cm. 33x51,5


Esquisse Hole 11

Code: 20387


Certificate of authenticity with two photos, one for each work, issued by the Associazione Shozo Shimamoto under no. 1058 with the artist's handwritten signature

On a single sheet Shimamoto realized two Hole works. Work recto and verso, each signed lower right, therefore the COA by the Shozo Shimamoto Association has two photos, one for each work.

Each work is signed bottom right

Private sale

oil on wood panel

cm 40x40


Un tramonto ad Alba

Code: 27968


Photo-certificate signed by the artist. Archivio Salvo no. S2001-27

Provenance: Meeting Art, auction of 24.11.2007, here acquired by the present owner.Excellent quality

Signed on the reverse

Private sale

Mixed media on wood panel

cm. 105x38



Code: 20712


Certificate of authenticity with photo by the Archivio Bernard Aubertin (Rovetta)

Signed on the reverse

Private sale

Ink and spray on mesh

cm 109x64


Senza titolo (Work 03)

Code: 23360


Certificate of authenticity by Archivio Sumi ID 003

Signed bottom right

Private sale

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